Thursday, December 6, 2007

My world this week..

There was “The world this week” in DD National a few years back; it was Pronoy Roy’s presentation skills that drew me to it rather than any interest in the worldly affairs.

So had a happening (debatable,ofcourse) week so far:

The week started with a ‘bad news’ (that’s how my aunt described it, though the news in itself was good).

And came Monday, the fuel surcharge went up by 300 Rs; I was shocked (Those who didn’t feel the tremors, plz read this). Considering that I was just about to book my flights for my trip home n Jan (my second one within a span of one month ;will relieve my wallet of some burden), the reason behind it being the most happening thing in my life right now (My best friends wedding, with a rewritten script :P).

And Tuesday, I fell flat (that too with not even a single good looking guy anywhere in sight).One moment I was walking along with my shopping bag and the next moment I was lying on the footpath.
Rather,” My verticality turned to horizontality and my occipital bone kissed the earth“– got it from my English teacher in Xth. He used to cite it as an example for the usage of bombastic language.

Nothing happened on Wednesday :(
And on Thursday too (so far that is; but doesn’t matter)
And Friday doesn’t look promising either :D

And the weekend is predictable (sleeping, washing and the Sunday sermon don’t count).

So decided to wrap up my week early :P (fri,sat n sun will be written off as "miscellaneous")

And yes, my hour’s countdown has started again. It’s 382 and counting!!!
Thought of reposting my 444 and counting , but then posting at 3 am is not an interesting prospect :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



The 13RS masala dosa (that too self service) from the college canteen qualified as a treat.

Talking for even 10 min on the phone was an ordeal for me (and those “long” conversations usually happened when one of my friends missed a class and had to get the updates :D)

My hindi vocabulory started and ended with "kya"

Each and every run scored by Sourav Ganguly was regarded as a matter of great personal pride.


The 50 RS masala dosa served by waiters in traditional south Indian attire with carnatic music n d background and an extra 12% vat added onto the bill makes me yawn.

My blabber can extend up to 1 hour, I know I am still a gross underachiever but 10 min to 1 hour is a really long way to come, that too in just 7 years.

I do understand "a few" of Gulzar's(I hope my colleague's answer to "who writes the toughest lyrics in hindi?" is right)lyrics

Ganguly being in the playing eleven itself is such a pleasant surprise for me :D

The times for sure are changing :P

Or maybe I am just growing up

PS: my friend says the canteen masala dosa was only RS more sign that i am growing "up".

Friday, October 19, 2007

My world

I live in a black and white world; but I am allowed shades of gray!!!
The hypocrite that I am :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Just getting the cobwebs out :)

It has been a while since I blogged. I do have a list of lame excuses. But why bother :P

And today sitting in office after a bad lunch (incidentally I happen to be a member of the ‘committee for improving the quality of canteen food’, which like any other committee went into hibernation after a few meetings) fighting off the Monday morning blues(For the record, I am pretty flexible; be it about the ‘Monday’ part or the ‘morning’ part) , I thought of posting a few one-liners (I am not sure that they belong to that category, but it doesn’t matter), which was coined mainly during conversations with my friends:

I came, I saw, I shrugged.

I know what I don’t want/like, but not what I want/like.

I am not an atheist, I am not an agnostic; I am just plain lazy. (But the inertia of 23 years drags me to church pretty often. Now that reminds me of the Apache ad, cool one)

Marriage is a process in which a person who is a stranger for the first one-third of your life becomes the center of the rest two-third of your life.

Don’t walk in front of me, I wont follow you; don’t walk behind me, I wont lead you anywhere; just get the hell out of my life. (This one has already made its debut in a previous post)

Love is blind, said someone.
Its deaf and dumb too, says me.
So all those who are in love, please do not forget to avail the pension for the disabled.
Self assessment: sick sense of humor: D

Monday, September 3, 2007


Saw Ram Gopal Verma ki aag.
Its a very funny movie. Listen to Mohanlal's hindi accent (Its only as worse as mine.Atleast I dont go around crackng dialogues that are 1km long.)

It should have been named "Nisha Kothari ki legs";wud have justified the film more

Sunday, August 26, 2007


When all you are left with are the memories of the memories you missed...........
what will you call it?

Friday, July 27, 2007


There are times, (I think I have another post starting with the same words) usually evenings (more usually those highly-philosophically-oriented evenings) when I will be all set to write a blog(Microsoft Word 2003 is showing spelling error for ‘blog’. Talk about being behind the times) on some topic. I would even have the sentences framed in my mind. But by next day morning (when I would have a keyboard in front of me) I would have lost the entire urge to post. So many a posts have gone that way and never came back. (What smiley should I put here a :) or a :( ???)

Now why did I write this? ZimBly, (can’t help poking fun at my mother tongue). Speaking of that, one of my colleagues had some very interesting observations about Kerala (other than the boringly common ones about coconut oil and bananas):
1. Kerala is the only land where people drink hot water (wow! I never knew that bit of trivia)
2. In Kerala men don’t work, it seems females earn the livelihood (no comments)

Thankfully he was sitting in the front seat of the car and me in the backseat, so I was spared the effort of replying. And the others in the car were too awed by these tidbits of info to see whether I was sleeping or watching the dull green fields pass by.

Now onto stereotyping, I am not too bothered about this mallu stuff. But stereotyping girls- that bother me at times (I mean those times when I am not my usual ‘passive-nonchalant-why bother’ self)
The way women are portrayed in movies and books-those irritatingly frail characters who don’t understand a thing about football and snort at bikes, who cooes “so sweet” 5 times a day, who take hours in front of the mirror, who cry seeing a senti scene and faint seeing a war movie, who consider shopping as the only form of entertainment etc. Real life versions are different I feel. Maybe a certain percent fall into this category, but u do have a variety of characters among the female population. It is really unfair when people assume things about u just because u happen to be a girl.
Common, not every girl would appreciate a teddy bear as a birthday gift : D

Friday, June 29, 2007

My first tag

Getting tagged is not as interesting as seeing other ppl getting tagged.
Got this one from Aslam (Cant blame him.He had to find 8 people to pass on the tag)
I m supposed to write 8 random facts about me and pass on the tag to 8 people, well here we go

- I get philosophical when I m on a low(And I dont mean a low calorie diet)

- I cant stand self-help books. Advice is something I find hard to digest

- I love airports. The place radiates power.

- I admire people who are lost in their own world - the "dont walk behind me i wont lead you anywhere,dont walk infront of me i wont follow you.Just get the hell out of my life" kinda people.
(The last part is my own addition , with due apologies to Albert Camus)

- I hate sorrys and thank-yous ; leave it for the airhostess "Those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind"

- I can be passive about anything and everything , sometimes to an extent that can be highly irritating(to the people around me ofcourse)

- I dont believe in secrets. If you have told it to one person, its no longer a secret- as per my rule book.

- At home I drink only tea and outside home, I drink only coffee.

And I dont think there is anyone left for me to tag.I am new to the blog world , just 2 months old. Rohit and Arjun u can pick this up if you feel like it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

desperate times

There are moments when I desperately wish I had my digicam with me.

Like yesterday…..

I was so busy chatting when reality bit me- the pleasant smell of something burning. I had kept the milk to boil and forgot about it. And there lay my masterpiece – an intricate design in black and white rendered on a stainless steel background. Davinci would have turned green with envy. Now, if I had my camera?? You would be staring at my masterpiece here, Dan Brown would be writing his next best seller and I would be on the phone with Sotheby’s ;)
Letting your imagination run wild is not a crime.

I, an established miser, in an attempt to save a few thousand bucks, asked my relative in Saudi to get me a digicam. The digicam duly arrived at home, but I haven’t. 246 more hours to go :D

I did save some money. But of course with due respect to the law of conservation of savings, I squandered it on my innumerable culinary adventures .Me and my roommate make a rather lethal combo when it comes to trying out new cuisines and restaurants. “Choodu vellathil veena poocha thanutha vellam kandaalum pedikum”, but we don’t get demotivated that easily. We have enough experiences to write a “Restaurants in Delhi-where not to go” guide. The high lights would be:

The Mexican disaster: The posters on the wall looked tempting enough. The food, in my roomies words “tasted like vomit”. She gave a far more “juicy” description, which I would rather not write down here. I don’t want people puking on my blog. It would look pretty dirty rt?

Japanese Hara-kiri: When I ordered the dish, ignoring the price and the deplorable state of my wallet, I never knew that plain boiled chicken could me made so tempting. A very sophisticated name on the menu and a very sophisticated waiter to pronounce it is all it took!!!

And the most recent one put a semicolon (the full stop will need a lot more coaxing) to my love for Bengali food. The place was supposedly the best Bengali restaurant in Delhi. The ambience and service were definitely good, but the food let us down. We should have stuck to our regular Bengali sweet house; we would have got 12 mudkas of mishti doi(a Bengali dessert) instead of 2 for the same money. The price for being disloyal …… Sigh

And this weekend we have a Russian adventure planned.haha

Monday, June 18, 2007

444 and counting

444 more hours and i m home.

My mother tells me not to count hours like this. "Dont look fwd to sumthng so much. u may be in for a big disppointment " is what she says.

But I have been doing ds for the past 5 years ; before every sessionals, before each endsem (ask my friends who have seen the "--- hours to go" piece of paper in my room before each exam and poor me sitting infront of it fighting off the exam-induced-drowsiness and the"i desperately need to read some book-and yes- before the exam too " syndrome ), before my each flight home- dts a hell lot of counting involved.Not to mention the number of times i recount.
And nowadays i even volunteer to count the hours for my roommate who is going home soon.
pretty desperate eh? or can i boast of being crazy? :)

Why am i so obssessed with counting?(And of late i have come to the realization that i ask way too many questions while talking - why? what? how come? really? why not?.....Its now creeping into my blogs too. A few days back i even thought of putting up a post with just questions-questions i have often asked myself)

Maybe because i hate waiting.But then everyone hates to wait and though i have seen people who count the number of days, i am yet to meet someone who count the hours.

I am unique , like everyone else :)

Monday, May 14, 2007


A story in 6 words- that is what a nanotale is.
The classic example given is Hemmingway's "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Well, didn make any sense to me.My favourite is Margret Atwood's "Longed for him. Got him. Shit."

There was a time when i was totally smitten by nanotales. Whatever i thought i wud try to cram it up in 6 words ; articles and propositions often ended up as martyrs. A few more from the human species wont hurt ; )

"I dont want to be understood"

"Different people. Different dreams. Different nightmares"

"I tried hard, but it rained"

"I doubted myself, I embraced solitude"

"Emotional blackmail-backbone of a relationship"

"Solitude replaced lonliness,I learned to live" (I can count alright)

"Life - an interesting game of probabilities"

Well the "nanotale phase" didn last long, much to my relief(frankly speaking). Its not much fun when you start counting the number of words everytime you think or speak.

But brevity has its own charms (wow! one more to my collection) .

Monday, May 7, 2007

World of words

My friend had to buy a book. And that took me to a few bookshops yesterday. And that same old feeling..So many books out there waiting to be read.I wish i had all the time and money in the world.

And seeing the long and impressive list of books in blogger and orkut profiles dont help at all.

Well the only solution i see is marry a bookstore owner :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007 too

A post finally!!!
After a week of wandering around in search of a blog title( well, not much.delhi heat and my sheer laziness made it sure that i dont wander around too much. all i have done is google different combinations of very "intelligent" sounding words or simply lie on my bed staring at the ceiling waiting for a sudden flash of inspiration ) .
Finally got bored of it all n settled upon this one. By this time i had already bored a handful of people with my talk about "i want a blog title with a feel u know ", whatever that means. Even i dont understand myself at times.

And on a boring saturday afternoon in office with bangla songs in the background(got a bengali sitting in my cubicle) , I typed my first post.I know its not a moment to be etched in history or anything, but maybe i will remember it , atleast the fact about bangla songs. simply.

I am still very apprehensive about blogging. Its as if I am throwing my ideas in the wind, it might get picked up by someone, strangers at times or it might just wander around forever. Not knowing what will happen to it - i hate uncertainities.
But i was fascinated by the idea of having a page of my own n all,and i created one.And here i am.

Plus you need something to blog on. My literary skills have never impressed me much, so that is ruled out. And nothing very interesting happens in my life (oh yeah, i am going home in july and thats the only event i have got to look forward to , so you know how interesting my life gets ! ) . Add my laziness to that.
And this might end up being my first and last post .