Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long time....

Work load at office was at its peak for the past few months .I was under a lot of stress, even got 2 or 3 grey hairs as proof (and for my mother to cry about). I guess that is a good enough excuse for keeping away from blogging, J

I was just experimenting with google reader (I am kind of new to this though it has been around for quite a while I know) and came across my blog posts – 23 in total (the number did surprise me a little, I mean did I really write 23 posts!!!) and yes, looks like my first post was on April 26th 2007 and that makes it almost 2 years. I missed out d first anniversary but am on time for the second. I will surely treat myself to a good dinner today (Ever since me n my roomie shifted to Noida we have been splurging on food-all those calorie loaded weekends explain my reduced bank balance and an extra 10kgs, I think I look malnourished in my college photos - though we complain regularly that Noida lacks good restaurants compared to Delhi. I dare not imagine the consequences if it was otherwise)

So what has been happening? I was never a movie buff to start with, but have been watching a lot of movies these days thanks to friends who have got internet connection with “unlimited downloads” ;) But even now I would prefer curling up in bed with a book anytime, though I have cum a long way from 3-books-in-a-week college days.
I hardly read 2 in a month now

Two movies, which impressed me a lot – Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (I know they are pretty old, but dts y I had taken the anticipatory bail). To keep ppl hooked for 1.5 hours with nothing but 2 ppl talking with each other (of course you have Vienna and Paris as backdrops) isn’t dt easy. I would recommend the 2 to anyone anytime. But 2 of my pg mates found ‘Before Sunrise’ boring. Their review: “bolte ja rahe hain bolte ja rahe “ :O – I consoled them by sayng that they need to grow up a lil more (they are in their final year of engg, not toddlers anyway) to enjoy the beauty of those movies ;)

Maybe I might start blogging more frequently since I have got around 100 movies left to watch and hopefully a bunch of them will cause sudden bouts of creativity(I mean if you count the last few paras dt)