Wednesday, November 14, 2007



The 13RS masala dosa (that too self service) from the college canteen qualified as a treat.

Talking for even 10 min on the phone was an ordeal for me (and those “long” conversations usually happened when one of my friends missed a class and had to get the updates :D)

My hindi vocabulory started and ended with "kya"

Each and every run scored by Sourav Ganguly was regarded as a matter of great personal pride.


The 50 RS masala dosa served by waiters in traditional south Indian attire with carnatic music n d background and an extra 12% vat added onto the bill makes me yawn.

My blabber can extend up to 1 hour, I know I am still a gross underachiever but 10 min to 1 hour is a really long way to come, that too in just 7 years.

I do understand "a few" of Gulzar's(I hope my colleague's answer to "who writes the toughest lyrics in hindi?" is right)lyrics

Ganguly being in the playing eleven itself is such a pleasant surprise for me :D

The times for sure are changing :P

Or maybe I am just growing up

PS: my friend says the canteen masala dosa was only RS more sign that i am growing "up".