Wednesday, February 20, 2008

adithi devo bhava

My friend was bored.
E-blogger was blocked.
The ever generous soul that I am, I offered her my blog space.
And she(she wants her identity to be kept a secret.dont know y.maybe she runs sum clandestine operation of sorts like u see in every ludlum novel) came up with this:

I have this friend. Rather weird person, I’ll say – unlike me :D In no way related to the owner of this blog, btw – Well, I’m lying big time! :P One of the very few things we share in common (friends after all!) : Without fail and without reminders we send mails to each other from office – 9.6667 on the average(rounded off to 4 decimal places, some calculation that needed :P) – every working day; unless otherwise, either of us is at home. And the subjects of these mails? Very occasionally ‘hello’, ‘hey...’, ‘gm’, ‘GM’, ‘bye’, ‘??’, ‘???’, ‘:)’ ‘:D’, ‘wassup”, ‘what’s new?’., ‘LOL’ and has never ever been ‘hi’ (note the point!)

Here are some of the subjects of the mails we’ve sent each other over the past 6-7 months:

Promised. I was obliged to fulfill :D
Did the lightning strike any aero plane?
Where our cables will run
I am being robbed :(
Ms. X
I'm bored...
I’ve got a much huger collection of one-liners : P
Got a bouquet :-)
Only 4/5 privileged ppl have read them so far...Another of my "masterpieces"
The masterpiece..... The sad reality :-(
Come to cochin for the weekend....
Why not!!
no probs!
Knock ,knock!
Knock ,knock! - present ma'am
I'm here :-)
enuf of hehehe.... change the subject of the mail
yup, i did
Welcome to our office!
the updated list
blowing my own trumpet!!!
Entha paripaadi?
my weeknd
Kyaa haal hain?
angane vittaal pattillallo
good(my lead on leave) morng
May I ask?
May I ask? - yeah sure :D
Every * has a day
running out of colors
running out of colors - make some :P
What is hypocracy?
got this one?
If interested...
lol again
kaalathu thanne veno??
4.4 it was
try this one
Saw :-)
Nammal enthu thettu cheythu?
u asked for it, ok
Today's special :-)
here they come
an awesome day
444 n counting
Message for u
118 n counting...
i thought so
:P :P
baaki pathram of nostalgia :P
Quite odd!
y funny?
njaan entho cheyyum
kya hua beti?
one more bit
back with a bang?
on a cold foggy winter morng
kya ho raha hain?
thoughts n exaggeration
send me a nice song
i didnt like it :-(
life's little surprises
u wanted songs, i am sending u a video
what plans for V-day?
News updates!
I'm a happy soul!
A bug a day, keeps ur boredom away! :))
Here i am...
Almost no details!
from google
bug, i guess!
bug fixed!
I know her, not personally (as recent as today…. We weren’t gossiping in case u thought so!)

Feel honoured to be a part of this blog, thanks mate :P (yeah right!)

U know what?I was thinking about a post on the same topic, but she beat me to it :D

Monday, February 11, 2008

A new kingfisher fan

Yes I am a self declared kingfisher fan (Not of the liquid variety, for clarification).

Till last year my image of Vijay Mallya was that of a playboy-liquor baron. Then I happened to read an interview of his in The Week and he came across as an interesting person. And now the channel – NDTV Good Times – a breath of fresh air!

This is one channel which I can sit and watch the whole day, save a few programs like "Heavy petting" (never found dogs and cats "soooo cute",cant help it,runs n my genes)

Maybe coz it has got a lot of shows on cooking and eating :D

Nothing of the usual 'the hero turns his head three times or the heroine blinks her eyes 5 times accompanied by the sound of thunder or breaking glass if he/she is surprised/shocked/happy/sad' kind of serials or the meaningless 'all hype and no content' type of news reporting.

It’s a lifestyle channel , a tag which under normal circumstances would elicit a yawn from me . But this one has got interesting programs and they have real professionals to do it. Be it “Cooking isn’t rocket science” or “Around the world in 85 plates” or “The big fat Indian wedding”.
I have to admit that the channel doesnt help in increasing my knowledge of the current affairs by any standards, but still.

I think I ought to go and practice my "o-la-lala-leelaayo!!"