Monday, February 11, 2008

A new kingfisher fan

Yes I am a self declared kingfisher fan (Not of the liquid variety, for clarification).

Till last year my image of Vijay Mallya was that of a playboy-liquor baron. Then I happened to read an interview of his in The Week and he came across as an interesting person. And now the channel – NDTV Good Times – a breath of fresh air!

This is one channel which I can sit and watch the whole day, save a few programs like "Heavy petting" (never found dogs and cats "soooo cute",cant help it,runs n my genes)

Maybe coz it has got a lot of shows on cooking and eating :D

Nothing of the usual 'the hero turns his head three times or the heroine blinks her eyes 5 times accompanied by the sound of thunder or breaking glass if he/she is surprised/shocked/happy/sad' kind of serials or the meaningless 'all hype and no content' type of news reporting.

It’s a lifestyle channel , a tag which under normal circumstances would elicit a yawn from me . But this one has got interesting programs and they have real professionals to do it. Be it “Cooking isn’t rocket science” or “Around the world in 85 plates” or “The big fat Indian wedding”.
I have to admit that the channel doesnt help in increasing my knowledge of the current affairs by any standards, but still.

I think I ought to go and practice my "o-la-lala-leelaayo!!"


ma'am said...

Of course, yes... the interview was an opener.. I mean, an eye-opener :D

mathew said...

vijay mallaya is really looked upon as a very able business man in the west..its not like the playboy image back home.

Anphy said...

ma'am(:P) n mathew : he reminds me of Gail Wynand n Fountainhead..