Wednesday, February 20, 2008

adithi devo bhava

My friend was bored.
E-blogger was blocked.
The ever generous soul that I am, I offered her my blog space.
And she(she wants her identity to be kept a secret.dont know y.maybe she runs sum clandestine operation of sorts like u see in every ludlum novel) came up with this:

I have this friend. Rather weird person, I’ll say – unlike me :D In no way related to the owner of this blog, btw – Well, I’m lying big time! :P One of the very few things we share in common (friends after all!) : Without fail and without reminders we send mails to each other from office – 9.6667 on the average(rounded off to 4 decimal places, some calculation that needed :P) – every working day; unless otherwise, either of us is at home. And the subjects of these mails? Very occasionally ‘hello’, ‘hey...’, ‘gm’, ‘GM’, ‘bye’, ‘??’, ‘???’, ‘:)’ ‘:D’, ‘wassup”, ‘what’s new?’., ‘LOL’ and has never ever been ‘hi’ (note the point!)

Here are some of the subjects of the mails we’ve sent each other over the past 6-7 months:

Promised. I was obliged to fulfill :D
Did the lightning strike any aero plane?
Where our cables will run
I am being robbed :(
Ms. X
I'm bored...
I’ve got a much huger collection of one-liners : P
Got a bouquet :-)
Only 4/5 privileged ppl have read them so far...Another of my "masterpieces"
The masterpiece..... The sad reality :-(
Come to cochin for the weekend....
Why not!!
no probs!
Knock ,knock!
Knock ,knock! - present ma'am
I'm here :-)
enuf of hehehe.... change the subject of the mail
yup, i did
Welcome to our office!
the updated list
blowing my own trumpet!!!
Entha paripaadi?
my weeknd
Kyaa haal hain?
angane vittaal pattillallo
good(my lead on leave) morng
May I ask?
May I ask? - yeah sure :D
Every * has a day
running out of colors
running out of colors - make some :P
What is hypocracy?
got this one?
If interested...
lol again
kaalathu thanne veno??
4.4 it was
try this one
Saw :-)
Nammal enthu thettu cheythu?
u asked for it, ok
Today's special :-)
here they come
an awesome day
444 n counting
Message for u
118 n counting...
i thought so
:P :P
baaki pathram of nostalgia :P
Quite odd!
y funny?
njaan entho cheyyum
kya hua beti?
one more bit
back with a bang?
on a cold foggy winter morng
kya ho raha hain?
thoughts n exaggeration
send me a nice song
i didnt like it :-(
life's little surprises
u wanted songs, i am sending u a video
what plans for V-day?
News updates!
I'm a happy soul!
A bug a day, keeps ur boredom away! :))
Here i am...
Almost no details!
from google
bug, i guess!
bug fixed!
I know her, not personally (as recent as today…. We weren’t gossiping in case u thought so!)

Feel honoured to be a part of this blog, thanks mate :P (yeah right!)

U know what?I was thinking about a post on the same topic, but she beat me to it :D


Xérès said...

mili ? :)

Mayflower said...

Not difficult to guess who it is! :-)

BTW, am still wondering about crocodiles via flight/train. :P

Anphy said...

sherry : ssshhhh.........Its a secret :D

sahitha : blame it on "disorientation".remember??? :P