Thursday, April 26, 2007 too

A post finally!!!
After a week of wandering around in search of a blog title( well, not much.delhi heat and my sheer laziness made it sure that i dont wander around too much. all i have done is google different combinations of very "intelligent" sounding words or simply lie on my bed staring at the ceiling waiting for a sudden flash of inspiration ) .
Finally got bored of it all n settled upon this one. By this time i had already bored a handful of people with my talk about "i want a blog title with a feel u know ", whatever that means. Even i dont understand myself at times.

And on a boring saturday afternoon in office with bangla songs in the background(got a bengali sitting in my cubicle) , I typed my first post.I know its not a moment to be etched in history or anything, but maybe i will remember it , atleast the fact about bangla songs. simply.

I am still very apprehensive about blogging. Its as if I am throwing my ideas in the wind, it might get picked up by someone, strangers at times or it might just wander around forever. Not knowing what will happen to it - i hate uncertainities.
But i was fascinated by the idea of having a page of my own n all,and i created one.And here i am.

Plus you need something to blog on. My literary skills have never impressed me much, so that is ruled out. And nothing very interesting happens in my life (oh yeah, i am going home in july and thats the only event i have got to look forward to , so you know how interesting my life gets ! ) . Add my laziness to that.
And this might end up being my first and last post .