Thursday, April 26, 2007 too

A post finally!!!
After a week of wandering around in search of a blog title( well, not much.delhi heat and my sheer laziness made it sure that i dont wander around too much. all i have done is google different combinations of very "intelligent" sounding words or simply lie on my bed staring at the ceiling waiting for a sudden flash of inspiration ) .
Finally got bored of it all n settled upon this one. By this time i had already bored a handful of people with my talk about "i want a blog title with a feel u know ", whatever that means. Even i dont understand myself at times.

And on a boring saturday afternoon in office with bangla songs in the background(got a bengali sitting in my cubicle) , I typed my first post.I know its not a moment to be etched in history or anything, but maybe i will remember it , atleast the fact about bangla songs. simply.

I am still very apprehensive about blogging. Its as if I am throwing my ideas in the wind, it might get picked up by someone, strangers at times or it might just wander around forever. Not knowing what will happen to it - i hate uncertainities.
But i was fascinated by the idea of having a page of my own n all,and i created one.And here i am.

Plus you need something to blog on. My literary skills have never impressed me much, so that is ruled out. And nothing very interesting happens in my life (oh yeah, i am going home in july and thats the only event i have got to look forward to , so you know how interesting my life gets ! ) . Add my laziness to that.
And this might end up being my first and last post .


Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

wow... i get the privelege of being the first commenter... this feels good... :)

Well... looks like ur hard work has paid off... dat is one heck of a title... :)

Dee said...

All right, madam, there you are!!!! And it feels real good to read a post written by someone I know, bored that I'm, reading the same old predictable stuff. And keep going....:))

Mayflower said...

Anphy!!!! :-) Like Deepthi said, keep goin! Didn't have the slightest clue you would start blogging. A pleasant surprise.

മിടുക്കന്‍ said...


neermathalam said...

:)..carry on..many people went before..many will follow...
Your blog is just a node in the timeline...a unique node.

raghav said...

oooh la la .. so finally you join the bandwagon .. welcome welcome ..

literary skills not up to the mark eh .. dont drive poor ppl like us into an never ending inferiority complex cycles!! :P

keep blogging !

Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

wow... i din kno that all these nuts used to blog... :)

except raghav ofcourse

c ... wat did i tell u... only ur first post and already so many comments... i told u, u ver good.. :)

Esh Bala said...

ohhh really cool.....never can imagine dat bengali music can inspire one to pen down an article.....that too working on a saturday..way to go gal !!!!!!

P.S But it rained is a song by guess ur blog is plagiarised..he he

Anphy said...

i find this "comments" stuff a lil formal.anywayz

ok rohit,thnx.

deepthi and sahitha- no need for any formal replies, rt?

prasanth-no malayalam keyboard installed in mine for a proper reply ;)

neermathalam (whoever u r) - that was a classic statemnt

raghav,as such u are very good at legpulling ,no need to polish of ur skills on me :P

n rohit,u needn hav a blog to leave comments, i guess

eshwaran- inspiration can cum n all different forms :)

shit, i sound so fake
i hate ds comments thng

sajid said...

well...welcome to the club!!!.so finally it rained huh??....glad to know you have finally landed on the topic....and keep bloggin...some vent for the ennui there..;)

Mayflower said...

Need a formal reply? - No!
Need a second post? - Yes!!

So whenz inspiration for the second post gonna strike?

Lino Plackal said...

cool...!! i never imagined u ll bcome a blogger one day...wen u used to read "secret seven" under the desk...! anyways GREAT work girl!

Neethu said...

literary skill not gud h?says who?hey u write pretty well...
looks like u r a victim to "home"philia...half f ur posts r abt u wanting to run home asap..guess am slowly becomin a victim to it too....that gives me more topics to blog on....
nyways nice work.keep blogging...cheers :D