Monday, May 7, 2007

World of words

My friend had to buy a book. And that took me to a few bookshops yesterday. And that same old feeling..So many books out there waiting to be read.I wish i had all the time and money in the world.

And seeing the long and impressive list of books in blogger and orkut profiles dont help at all.

Well the only solution i see is marry a bookstore owner :)


neermathalam said...

why gals always take shortcuts...;)
start one....;)
Trivia :Landmark is owned by a Chennai lady

Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...


after the long lists of topics i gav u... this is wat inspired u???

Ammo... sambahavam thanne... [:D]

Anphy said...

neermathalam : y not? just arrange enuf funds :P

rohit: inspired?? never

Mayflower said...

"So many books out there waiting to be read." I know the feeling!!

And an interesting solution that, btw! :P

Unknown said...

anphi...evrytime i walk into landmark...i feel like piling all the books tat i see into the basket tat they many books waitin to be read...the good old memories of being a libraraian (spelling rite!!??) gushing in...reading books without having to pay :) (a confession that one!!!)

Dileep said...

as sahitha said
i too know the feeling...very well....

and good solution tooo (even then, will you get time to read? ) ;-)
i remember, one of my childhood ambition was to become a librarian of a big library, but without much work... ;-)