Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Those weird moments

Bad weird - you are standing right next to your colleague discussing some serious stuff and your stomach makes a low rumbling sound (the kind it makes when you are hungry) .You can only hope that your colleague is partially deaf.

Sad weird - you ceremoniously bake cupcakes for you guests , using a store bought mixture alright but you did blend all the ingredients ( added as specified in the recipe using measuring cups/spoons you bought in a i-am-going-to-bake-my-way-to-masterchef moment ) and fill the cups and put them in the oven.Then you realise that you forgot to check whether the emulsifiers in them were veg/halal .And you get to eat all 12 of those cupcakes for dinner and breakfast.

Irritating weird - Getting up at 7am is a herculean task for you on weekdays (ask the snooze button on your alarm and your coffee mug) but you are wide awake at 6.45 am on every Saturday and Sunday.

Happy weird - You meet someone from college after 6 long years and just carry on as if you got back to hostel after the semester vacation.

Weird weird - You do nothing but shop for groceries and eat and read the whole Saturday ( you are going through a phase of keen interest in the life and history of British queens and reading I, Victoria)but goes to bed at 9pm leaving the husband to watch a movie alone because you are too tired to watch a movie.