Thursday, April 23, 2009

Long time....

Work load at office was at its peak for the past few months .I was under a lot of stress, even got 2 or 3 grey hairs as proof (and for my mother to cry about). I guess that is a good enough excuse for keeping away from blogging, J

I was just experimenting with google reader (I am kind of new to this though it has been around for quite a while I know) and came across my blog posts – 23 in total (the number did surprise me a little, I mean did I really write 23 posts!!!) and yes, looks like my first post was on April 26th 2007 and that makes it almost 2 years. I missed out d first anniversary but am on time for the second. I will surely treat myself to a good dinner today (Ever since me n my roomie shifted to Noida we have been splurging on food-all those calorie loaded weekends explain my reduced bank balance and an extra 10kgs, I think I look malnourished in my college photos - though we complain regularly that Noida lacks good restaurants compared to Delhi. I dare not imagine the consequences if it was otherwise)

So what has been happening? I was never a movie buff to start with, but have been watching a lot of movies these days thanks to friends who have got internet connection with “unlimited downloads” ;) But even now I would prefer curling up in bed with a book anytime, though I have cum a long way from 3-books-in-a-week college days.
I hardly read 2 in a month now

Two movies, which impressed me a lot – Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (I know they are pretty old, but dts y I had taken the anticipatory bail). To keep ppl hooked for 1.5 hours with nothing but 2 ppl talking with each other (of course you have Vienna and Paris as backdrops) isn’t dt easy. I would recommend the 2 to anyone anytime. But 2 of my pg mates found ‘Before Sunrise’ boring. Their review: “bolte ja rahe hain bolte ja rahe “ :O – I consoled them by sayng that they need to grow up a lil more (they are in their final year of engg, not toddlers anyway) to enjoy the beauty of those movies ;)

Maybe I might start blogging more frequently since I have got around 100 movies left to watch and hopefully a bunch of them will cause sudden bouts of creativity(I mean if you count the last few paras dt)


Winson said...

back to bloging haan!...anyways keep it posted.

Sreeja Ravikumar said...

Google Reader is of course a good one to follow blogs.I will follow yours now onwards :-). Aim for 100's for next anniversary !!

DPhatsez said...

Aaaaaanphy! Wazza! :)

endhovaadey? Topper anphy is now watching movies? OMG! ;)

'Unlimited Downloads' Rock On! \m/

incognito said...

you seriously liked those two movies...!!..d movie is so slow n that too d concept is romance..u ve got to be kidding me..
try "the fountain"..amazing movie with a very good concept..n if u r a comedy buff try "the hangover"..

incognito said...

btw, This is Priyanka here..Im sure dat wud help in recognizing me!![:)]...
if not i used to be your batchmate..
enuf hints..dis shud do the click!!