Monday, June 18, 2007

444 and counting

444 more hours and i m home.

My mother tells me not to count hours like this. "Dont look fwd to sumthng so much. u may be in for a big disppointment " is what she says.

But I have been doing ds for the past 5 years ; before every sessionals, before each endsem (ask my friends who have seen the "--- hours to go" piece of paper in my room before each exam and poor me sitting infront of it fighting off the exam-induced-drowsiness and the"i desperately need to read some book-and yes- before the exam too " syndrome ), before my each flight home- dts a hell lot of counting involved.Not to mention the number of times i recount.
And nowadays i even volunteer to count the hours for my roommate who is going home soon.
pretty desperate eh? or can i boast of being crazy? :)

Why am i so obssessed with counting?(And of late i have come to the realization that i ask way too many questions while talking - why? what? how come? really? why not?.....Its now creeping into my blogs too. A few days back i even thought of putting up a post with just questions-questions i have often asked myself)

Maybe because i hate waiting.But then everyone hates to wait and though i have seen people who count the number of days, i am yet to meet someone who count the hours.

I am unique , like everyone else :)


neermathalam said...

Counting hours is too should start counting minutes..if you are going home...;)
In a way we are all impatient...contexts vary thats it..

offtopic: Don't dare counting anything above 100 thettiyaloo...;)

Bullshee said...

well going home deserves an hours count!Well, have fun at home! :D

Mind Curry said...

its raining here actually..

Emmanuel said...

That's pretty unique..... :)

Nasia said...

Last line was cool!!
I dont wait for anything very badly, it doesnt happen else.. :-)... but goin to family. its ok to count.. there is nothing to feel unusual abt it.. u luv ur family and thats it..

I'm done... said...

i jus hate waitin.. there has been instance in my school days when i'll start walking and hope for the best if a bus doesn come my way for 5 mins...
now that im earnin i take a ric whenver possible....

Anphy said...

rathish & kartik : thnx for the support. still got 278 hours to wade thru :D

mind curry : it rained here too, yesterday

emmanuel & nasia : actually speaking,that last line is not was just a sarcastic comment cracked by my friend to have a dig at my ego(or so i console myself).i dont think he remembers it or i would have been sued by now :)

aslam : i know.waiting is a game i too dont like to play that much.

Crizzie Criz! said...

I know about counting days, hours, minutes and in a fit of madness, seconds. Been there, done that.

But then, thats what a loving family gives you. Longing, yearning, to be back.

Just know that you are lucky, very lucky. And normal!

Milliseconds are such a pain, else i would have done that too, hehe.

Thanks for the visit, do come back too!