Wednesday, June 27, 2007

desperate times

There are moments when I desperately wish I had my digicam with me.

Like yesterday…..

I was so busy chatting when reality bit me- the pleasant smell of something burning. I had kept the milk to boil and forgot about it. And there lay my masterpiece – an intricate design in black and white rendered on a stainless steel background. Davinci would have turned green with envy. Now, if I had my camera?? You would be staring at my masterpiece here, Dan Brown would be writing his next best seller and I would be on the phone with Sotheby’s ;)
Letting your imagination run wild is not a crime.

I, an established miser, in an attempt to save a few thousand bucks, asked my relative in Saudi to get me a digicam. The digicam duly arrived at home, but I haven’t. 246 more hours to go :D

I did save some money. But of course with due respect to the law of conservation of savings, I squandered it on my innumerable culinary adventures .Me and my roommate make a rather lethal combo when it comes to trying out new cuisines and restaurants. “Choodu vellathil veena poocha thanutha vellam kandaalum pedikum”, but we don’t get demotivated that easily. We have enough experiences to write a “Restaurants in Delhi-where not to go” guide. The high lights would be:

The Mexican disaster: The posters on the wall looked tempting enough. The food, in my roomies words “tasted like vomit”. She gave a far more “juicy” description, which I would rather not write down here. I don’t want people puking on my blog. It would look pretty dirty rt?

Japanese Hara-kiri: When I ordered the dish, ignoring the price and the deplorable state of my wallet, I never knew that plain boiled chicken could me made so tempting. A very sophisticated name on the menu and a very sophisticated waiter to pronounce it is all it took!!!

And the most recent one put a semicolon (the full stop will need a lot more coaxing) to my love for Bengali food. The place was supposedly the best Bengali restaurant in Delhi. The ambience and service were definitely good, but the food let us down. We should have stuck to our regular Bengali sweet house; we would have got 12 mudkas of mishti doi(a Bengali dessert) instead of 2 for the same money. The price for being disloyal …… Sigh

And this weekend we have a Russian adventure planned.haha


Bullshee said...

Hey, I was just planning on writing about my gastronomical adventures too!!! Here's a prequel to beat everything I see!

SR said...

So Davinci is the victim !

donald said...

Wow your experiments with stomach is so nice and tempting .

I'm done... said...

u learned how to boil milk????:D
if no, then plz contact an expert!!!

neermathalam said...

I don't know what u had at
try tortilla wrap and chicken fry...(mexican)..u can escape unscathed
try sushi(veg and veg only...)(japanese)
and russian...seems god dont have time to save even the believers pinnalle..people like u...:P...

Neethu said...

so u tried out th russian adv???
nice blog btw....
so wat r u doing now?u nitian?

Anphy said...

karthik:and d sequel?

shimna : yup ;)

devassy : :O

aslam :are online classes available?

rathish : "people like me"? now what was dt supposed to mean :P

neeths : russian restaurant(Bline its called) was superb.deserves a post by itself
n yes, nitc 2006 pasout

Unknown said...

find it funny, the idea of you hogging like that, trust your waistline really does show it :)...gud that ur finally liking delhi, and roaming around it :D