Thursday, December 6, 2007

My world this week..

There was “The world this week” in DD National a few years back; it was Pronoy Roy’s presentation skills that drew me to it rather than any interest in the worldly affairs.

So had a happening (debatable,ofcourse) week so far:

The week started with a ‘bad news’ (that’s how my aunt described it, though the news in itself was good).

And came Monday, the fuel surcharge went up by 300 Rs; I was shocked (Those who didn’t feel the tremors, plz read this). Considering that I was just about to book my flights for my trip home n Jan (my second one within a span of one month ;will relieve my wallet of some burden), the reason behind it being the most happening thing in my life right now (My best friends wedding, with a rewritten script :P).

And Tuesday, I fell flat (that too with not even a single good looking guy anywhere in sight).One moment I was walking along with my shopping bag and the next moment I was lying on the footpath.
Rather,” My verticality turned to horizontality and my occipital bone kissed the earth“– got it from my English teacher in Xth. He used to cite it as an example for the usage of bombastic language.

Nothing happened on Wednesday :(
And on Thursday too (so far that is; but doesn’t matter)
And Friday doesn’t look promising either :D

And the weekend is predictable (sleeping, washing and the Sunday sermon don’t count).

So decided to wrap up my week early :P (fri,sat n sun will be written off as "miscellaneous")

And yes, my hour’s countdown has started again. It’s 382 and counting!!!
Thought of reposting my 444 and counting , but then posting at 3 am is not an interesting prospect :D


Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

ok ... you need to get a boyfriend... See, this is what happens with women who dont have good men in their lives... it becomes too slow... :p

neermathalam said...


Arun said...

hey..i remember the fact, i had got only the verticality and horizontality part only.. dint get the rest that time..

so it was occipital bone.. hmm...

Anphy said...

Rohit : athu njaan sahichu :P
Rathish : So be it !!!

Arun : Occipital bone was my version. He used to say sumthng like "my nose kissed the ground" or so.