Monday, September 3, 2007


Saw Ram Gopal Verma ki aag.
Its a very funny movie. Listen to Mohanlal's hindi accent (Its only as worse as mine.Atleast I dont go around crackng dialogues that are 1km long.)

It should have been named "Nisha Kothari ki legs";wud have justified the film more


Unknown said...

Hi ... I totally agree that the movie was a big time screw up ...And that Nisha Kothari was the last person Ram Gopal Varma should have chosen for the role ...

But as Mohan Lal is doing the part of a south indian ; isnt it justifiable for him to have an accent ? t Think abt it , there can be N number of Tamil/Telungu/Mallu officers who work in Hindi speaking areas and may be even settle down there...

I think acting is what matters the most ; and he has lived upto the role given to him.

Sorry for the essay of a comment !

mathew said...

ahh..was curious to check this movie..but the reviews really dont inspire..

Anphy said...

fifth element:Yes Miss, dts what.
a southindian speakng hindi will try to keep it simple and short whereas in the movie mohanlal blurts out heavy weight dialogues with much reluctance :)

And being a mallu living in delhi,u shud see how frugal i am when it comes to speakng hindi :)

mathew: that was the mistake we did, we didnt wait for the reviews.booked the tickets even before the movie was released.some lessons in life do come wth a price :)

sajid said...

haha...nisha kothari ki legs...good one!!!