Friday, July 27, 2007


There are times, (I think I have another post starting with the same words) usually evenings (more usually those highly-philosophically-oriented evenings) when I will be all set to write a blog(Microsoft Word 2003 is showing spelling error for ‘blog’. Talk about being behind the times) on some topic. I would even have the sentences framed in my mind. But by next day morning (when I would have a keyboard in front of me) I would have lost the entire urge to post. So many a posts have gone that way and never came back. (What smiley should I put here a :) or a :( ???)

Now why did I write this? ZimBly, (can’t help poking fun at my mother tongue). Speaking of that, one of my colleagues had some very interesting observations about Kerala (other than the boringly common ones about coconut oil and bananas):
1. Kerala is the only land where people drink hot water (wow! I never knew that bit of trivia)
2. In Kerala men don’t work, it seems females earn the livelihood (no comments)

Thankfully he was sitting in the front seat of the car and me in the backseat, so I was spared the effort of replying. And the others in the car were too awed by these tidbits of info to see whether I was sleeping or watching the dull green fields pass by.

Now onto stereotyping, I am not too bothered about this mallu stuff. But stereotyping girls- that bother me at times (I mean those times when I am not my usual ‘passive-nonchalant-why bother’ self)
The way women are portrayed in movies and books-those irritatingly frail characters who don’t understand a thing about football and snort at bikes, who cooes “so sweet” 5 times a day, who take hours in front of the mirror, who cry seeing a senti scene and faint seeing a war movie, who consider shopping as the only form of entertainment etc. Real life versions are different I feel. Maybe a certain percent fall into this category, but u do have a variety of characters among the female population. It is really unfair when people assume things about u just because u happen to be a girl.
Common, not every girl would appreciate a teddy bear as a birthday gift : D


raghav said...

i agree with u on the absurdity of ur friend ... but really amazed that u did not hang him out of the window to dry .. *grin*

Its all about perceptions, as and when people interact with super intellectual, hard as a cookie kind of people they are bound to change their thinking about women .. its just a matter of time ..
talking about ideas going out of the window due to laziness, take a look at my blog .. it has degenerated into a 'khandar' ever since i left Motorola .. :)

SR said...

I assign half the responsibility for the misery of women ,to women. Sad to say that ,there are a few gals who act weak when they really are not.I am also sad that lady models give poses which are pleading and impotent. I know this is just a part of the lady community. I should not forget to mention the lady construction workers and such who demonstrate high physical strength which inturn show their will power . I have much to write about the topic, but i wont forget that i am here just to comment and not to write an essay (or hav i done dat already :) ).....

And anphy , I definitely dont prefer a teddy bear for a bday gift.. :)

mathew said...

Tell your friend that we are hot people and hot tempered too!! ;-P

Anphy said...

raghav : yeah. how about dedicating one extra night out per week for blogging?? ;)

shimna:writing an essay for a comment is a pardonable offence :)

mathew: Sadly I am a little cold :)

Bullshee said...

Yes, stereotyping is bad....i agree. but the probe-lem[in true mallu style]....some of the stuff about ladies you've written are true![70-80%] of the i guess people are just repeating what they've experienced? Just a theory....

Unknown said...

quite impressive...
last para.. i liked the most..
that has been the mentality of people for quite a long time.. but if its still ther, i wud say women themselves r half responsible for tht... creating such a fasle image.. pretending themselves as weak..