Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If I were mushy

Almost half an year has passed since my last post.Spent around 6 months in the arabian desert , sometimes working insane hours but still enjoying it.
Nowadays, sitting in office with nothing much to do and impatiently waiting for the clock to strike 5.30 , I would gladly go bak to 14 hours a day , 5 1/2 days a week routine at site .

Was just checking out all the blogs listed in mine , except for one all are dead ; most of them stopped writing n 2007/2008.After 3 yrs of on and off blogging , I cant say that I have done much justice either.Just a passing fad it was(for me )I guess.
Those people who take to blogging with the same zeal even after years - they really need to be appreciated.

And as to the title of the post - If I were mushy I should be writing a post dedicated to my husband I guess (Got married on 9th May ) , but then that wouldnt be me ;-)
Around 2 weeks of wear saree - wear all the ornaments - then remove them routine , I am back to being myself now ;-)


Arun said...

Keep writing... :)


mridula said...

now,both of u being away from each other, are u Not feeling mushy?

Anphy said...

@ mridula - mushy is not exactly the word tht would decribe a forced long distance relationship