Monday, September 13, 2010


Was using up all my pending leaves(and some more) in the last two months - with me working in Delhi and husband in Chennai ,
that was the only way out.The foodie that I am , it was only natural that I ended up googling for some good eating out options there.
Could only try out a handful, Casa Piccola and La Boulangerie disappointed , Ecstasy was okie-dokie and Fuego was great.

Went to Casa Piccola after reading some great reviews , but the place was crowded even at 3pm - mostly college kids - which we took as a sign of great food , but it was not to be. it tuk us quite a while to even get hold of the menu , The service was slow (maybe beacuse of the crowd) ,and when the food finally arrived , it was not worth the wait.Ecstasy in Satyam Cinemas is good, but their desserts are not as great as their photographs (which caught my attention on my very first visit to satyam) ;-)

The best among our trials was Fuego - recently opened in Ampa skywalk mall , they had a 20% inaugral disocunt offer then.The ambience was nice , the food was great (sadly , we were not in a mood for desserts after having a not-so-mouthwatering stint at the La Boulangerie outlet right next to it earlier ) , what I liked best are the portions -perfect : not more, not less. Wouldnt mind going back :-)

Back to Delhi now , can't believe Delhi is ready to host an international sporting event will be conducted here in less than 3 weeks time. atleast the DTC buses are a real eye sore - thats the first thing i noticed on landing here.
Bagels at The bagel factory in Lajpat Nagar and Tiramisu from The coffee bean and tea leaf at Citywalk - I am hooked again :-)

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