Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feeling the Pangs of Separation ;-)

After professing my love for Delhi in the second last post , when I was all set to feel the giddiness you are supposed to have when you are in love (isnt that how it happens in bollywood movies?), came the twist in the story - i was deported to a sleepy little emirate in UAE for some project work.

Foggy winter mornings gave way to the desert sun and then to dark rainy mornings now . I am infact lucky to be here at this time when the climate is pleasant.But the fact that I have to be in office at 7am (I dont know which insomniac set the working hours) , 6 days a week dampens things.

Aloo paranthas are replaced by shawarmas .Most of the restaurants here are run by mallus and I seem to be eating mallu food (the normal, not-so-gud,not-so-bad variety) with an alarming regularity.

The one and only one Lulu substitutes TGIP , I make religious trips to Lulu every week .(I suffer from the lack of regular doses of retail therapy.Not many places to shop here,my last unsuccessful shopping attempt took a quite a few pieces of chocolates to get over)The shoppers paradise is just 130 kms away anyway.

I miss Delhi winter , the stuffed paranthas my friend used to bring me for breakfast (7am and breakfast dont really get along well u see , so as I tweeted once "breakfast is like sunday mass now, happens once in a week and runs for an hour"), dessert from barista (I have not found anything that comes anywhere near to their "dark temptation" ) and most of all waking up at 8am on weekdays :-(

This is where I get my chocolate doses from :-)

But life seems to be moving fast , I cant really believe that I have been here for 3 months now!!! Maybe coz of all the chaos that comes with a site life :-)

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