Saturday, July 19, 2008

The easy way out

Not that tags are cakewalk, but its much more easier than coming up with a post from thin air
I don’t know wht is wth the no: 8, but so many tags seem to revolve around it!!!!

8 things I am passionate about:

Cant say I am passionate about anything, its more like I am passive abut evrythng :)
Here is a list of things I love
·Trying out new cuisines /eating out – I can eat out daily (financial constraints apart) n still not get bored. And I love reading those detailed menus
·Traveling or flying to be precise –When d HR guy n our office was complaining that he already made sum 40 flights this year, I was green with envy
·Details, more so when I am day dreaming/building castles n air. I want everything to be laid out clearly – date, day, time etc even if I am thinking of something that might or might not happen sum 10/20 years from now
·Discussions /arguments – be it on the concept of god or on why good looking guys are such a rarity in our office
·Sleeping or so says my mother

8 things I want to do before I die

·Go for a backpacking trip around d world – all alone, and try out all diff cuisines
·Read all those books n see all those movies I missed
·Get a job where I can travel a lot n literally live out of my suitcase. People who do exactly that assure me its not as “wow” as I imagine it to be. But I want to learn it the hard way
·Learn to play violin. Ever seen the blenders pride ad??
·Learn to speak lots of diff languages- u know like those spies n Ludlum novels
·Buy an apt n Mumbai’s Malbar hills area :D (When I was n Mumbai I stayed at my company guest house dr n loved d place. Unaware of d fact dt it is one of Mumbai’s costliest areas I was thinking how nice it wud be to get a job n Mumbai n live n Malbar hills n all.But my friend waved d red flag by telling me that I will need to get one hell of a job to afford living there)
·Take my whole family (including aunts, uncles, cousins, grand parents) for trip to sum exotic location
·Construct my own house n Thrissur n furnish it in style
For our house, my father did everything – drawing up d plan, supervising the work n what not!!! Seems he lost a few kgs n went a few shades darker by the time our house was finished :) I wud love to do dt for my house

8 things I say often:

·I mean
·Ente daivamme (gossip conversations are laced with it)
·Aiyoo / ayyada
·Yeah sure (office conversations mostly)

8 books I last read

·Inscrutable Americans
·Thousand Splendid Suns
·Kite Runner
·Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
·Scarlett(sequel to Gone With the Wind)
·Sum 4 novels in one back – there was a Ludlum novel n it. Cant remember d rest – that was sum 6 months ago
When I was n college I used to read at least a book per week thnx to our LH library. Now I feel ashamed of saying reading is my hobby :(

8 songs I could listen to over and over again

Dts a tough one, I happen to go all crazy over a song for sumtime n dn totally forget about it once I get a new one. so I will go with the currently running list :
·Raagangale mohangle(Tharattu) - d music at d beginning is a lil noisy but it gets heavenly afterwards
·Oru chembaneer pooviruthu(Sthithi)
·But it rained (Parikrama)
·Aferglow (INXS)
·Aye udi udi – I like d laidback tone of dt
·Lamha lamha doori (Gangster)– discovered it a few weeks back
·Oru murayil vanthu paathaya
·Ennavale adi ennavale – loves it for the violin

Not tagging anyone.Its open for all


mathew said...

Inscrutable Americans is one funny book!!

Building a house of own concept a dream which I have too..I think thats the dream of every child when he started playing with Lego toys..;-D

Sesega said...

hmmm... for those 8 things you want to do before you die you will need more than 1 life, actually... :)
Good luck..
have a nice day..

Emmanuel said...

good take. :) thanks for taking it up.
at least made u write something. ;) (anganeyum parayaam!!)

Paro said...

was a good read... :) violin, home, travelling ... those lil things are that make life so good, rt? :)

Anphy said...

@mathew:I found it funny at places but felt that the hero is unbelievably out of sync
@emmanuel : :)
@paro:lil things?i wudnt call them lil ;)