Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A forgotten b'day and a debt

3 birthdays and 2 anniversaries – dts all I forgot in the last few weeks and one of the birthdays was dt of my blog!!!!How could I?
Anyway sumthng I started just for the novelty of it, went on for 1 year.And the blog world became very much a part of my daily life.My regular day at office starts wth a cup of coffee n my set of blogs :D
And me n my friends discuss bloggers as if they are just boys and girls next door :D

And coming to the debt part of it, it is a bunch of flowers (ok, just 2 , d last ones she had I guess)a lil flower girl gifted me n mumbai.She left it n my cab window at the traffic signal and left.She didn’t evn wait for d payment n I ddint particularly make an effort to since I was expecting her to cum n take them bak.That small act left me wth such a great feeling!She wont know how to read n write English, maybe not evn hindi or marathi,so I will be spared the humility of a “lost dollar”, but…
It was my first time n mumbai.It seems “u either fall in love wth mumbai or hate it”I definitely don’t hate it.Wherever u go, u feel d presence of sea.wonderful.
I was pretty much on my own dr and loved d single female traveler(courtesy NDTV gud times) experience. I was reading Shantaram n went to Colaba 3 times just for the heck of it,sumthng i wudnt hav done had i been travelling in a group

Dt foto cud vey well describe my 2 weeks n mumbai :)

And yes, 34 and counting :D


Oye Bubbly... said...

This is what happens when u r so engrossed in some "other things" . Forgetting birthdays, forgetting to pay money to poor kid, forgetting anniv. whats happening to u anphy ;)

Unknown said...

That's a great shot Anphy,really loved the pic :) And yeak keep blogging :)

mathew said...

there was this unsurmountable urge to visit mumbai while i was reading shantaram and visit those never worked out..sort of envy that you managed!!

Anphy said...

meera : Yeah, right :P

sherry: Thank you.I have a whole series of them in all d possible shooting modes :)

mathew: yeah,I almost jumped wth excitement when i saw "leopolds" bar once walkng down d street n colaba.

Emmanuel said...

Tagging you. Hope you don't mind!!