Friday, August 8, 2008


In the list of countries I thought I might visit one day,Bulgaria was not dr, not even n d waiting list.But here I am n my project site-its just for a month- (why noone builds power plants in exotic locales?beats me!!!! :P) in a place where the welcome board at the border reads
"Welcome to Stara Zagora - Center of the Universe." :O and mineral water brands have very inspriring names

and it is guaranteed that you will get second looks wherever you go- havnt seen any indians outside of site office though there is an indian restaurant n Sofia where u have food wth 3 levels of spiciness- 1st degree,2nd degree and 3rd degree :)

havnt seen much of the place except for a stroll along "pedestrian street"(no vehicles allowed dr!!!).

But its a nice country with lots of sidewalk cafes and sunflower fields- though bulgaria is called as "the land of roses".I am not complaining, i prefer sunflowers to roses anytime :)

k dn.gtg.Have to download sum virus.The IT guy here is really handsome :D

And yes "Zdravei" means hello in Bulgarain.


Xérès said...

OMG ! Enjoy your stay there :)
as for Indians you might be the first one to set foot there :D

Xérès said...

Damn I forgot something very important ! Say my Zdravei to that IT guy ;D

Oye Bubbly... said...

Now i know why didn't explore much of Bulgaria. Too busy downloading viruses right ;)

Arun said...

Wow. Wow. Wow :)

Anphy said...

sherry : no, i wont be d first indian :( got a few at site.but maybe d first mallu dts till i meet one :D
and IT guy - sorry, no way :P

meera : :P

arun : ohk, wow!

mensch said...

it cant get more exotic....would love to see more tales from the place..