Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On a rather low gear ;-)

Back in 2009, I used to listen to a few of my friends talking very animatedly about Top Gear and having heated discussions regarding the identity of “The Stig”. I never gave it a second thought. I like cars. As in, on seeing a nice looking one, I will probably go “Hmm. Nice if I can buy one like that. Nicer if it has automated parking”. But I don’t love them and is not the type to spend hours reading auto magazines. So I had assumed Top Gear was not my cup of tea till I actually saw one episode of Top Gear UK on TV. I don’t know whether it’s the British accent or the very charming Jeremy Clarkson, but I was hooked.

Hooked enough to do my version of a Top Gear in my mind when I have to rent cars for my site visits. (Disclaimer: I have driven all of 6 or 7 different ones during my driving adventures and the ones I get to drive are a league apart from the ones they cruise around in. Let us not even go into the charm department.) .The one would never forget is Nissan Micra. Felt like I was in a toy car, the blue paint just helped the feeling I guess. Had a Gulliver-in-Brobdingnag moment when a huge truck passed me by 

Now that I have shifted to a new job, my site visit days are behind me .So no more of the 2-night stands (with rental cars that is)  I am definitely going to miss those days.


anN-series said...

The better half made me watch top gear...and all i did was talk about how charming the host he no longer likes top gear!!!
So is the new job a desk job?

Anphy said...

I think it is the British accent that did it for me :-)

Not exactly a desk job but no regular site visits. The more boring rush hour commute instead :-(

Unknown said...

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