Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well ...

Enough water has flown under the bridge that calling 2011 a “new” year seems a little odd. Anyway we, I and my husband that is, had decided to postpone our new year till we are finally together and settled down ;-)
What fun is there in celebrating the New Year when you life is going to be the same old one?

Realized long distance relationships are not that easy to deal with. The bright side of it is that I am back to my a-book-per-week reading routine thanks to an online library facility available at office and enough free time in hand. I had once started making a list of books I read, but gave it up soon enough. But my online library does it for me these days

Read Eat Pray Love byElizabeth Gilbert (Eat part was very nice, Pray was boring and Love was not that bad)

Secrets and lies by Jaishree Misra (Found it engaging enough to try another book of hers – Ancient Promises , just started it yesterday)

Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair (was a tad too slow paced)

Memories of my Melancholy Whores and Of Love And Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (his writing is in a different realm all together, charming neverthe less)

Amen! The Autobiography of a Nun by Sister Jesme (I can’t comment on the authenticity of whatever is stated there, she was the principal of the college right next to my school between and the fact that she has the courage to stand up against such a huge establishment as the church is commendable)

Desert Royal by Jean Sasson (Having read the other two books of the trilogy, I had to read this one)

I am very curious to read The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Realized that compared to the bling and noise and drama of a North Indian wedding, South Indian weddings are pretty sober affairs. Not so big , not so fat in comparison , but still too big and too fat than what is called for.
Still remember how my Swiss colleague gasped in surprise (or was it horror) on hearing about the number of guests at my wedding. Used to 50-100 guests lists , he found it amusing that my Dad found it necessary to invite even our fish monger and house painter for my wedding. He would have fainted if he had come to a Punjabi wedding I am sure.

Realized that time moves ever so slowly when you want it to fly ;-)
Every day I wake up and think – “ 16 more hours before I can sleep again “.
It all boils down to killing time I believe ;-)


Arun said...

"Every day I wake up and think – “ 16 more hours before I can sleep again “.
It all boils down to killing time I believe ;-) "

This is sad! :) Its not just about killing time, you can do a lot more than that! Why not think about a career change, may be? Back to University, may be? Or write more often? Do something creative? Who knows, I am just suggesting, because I feel life's definitely more than just killing time. Pardon me for this kind of personal,unsolicited suggestion. But I feel like telling you this!


Anphy said...

@arun - haha. I am doing some of those , but that comment was in reference to my present state of waiting for something.